Meet the Team
CoachAdviser: Bespoke leadership development programmes and coaching to differentiate you in your field.
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Meet the Team

At CoachAdviser we’re committed to combining world-class teaching with intensive, practical learning experiences. Our strong network offers both clients and participants access to invaluable relationships globally. Meet a few of the exceptional people who are part of our team. Contact us for a full list of leadership advisers, coaches and collaborators.

CoachAdviser Team


Dr Rebecca Newton is a Business Psychologist and specialist in Leadership and Professional Development.

Dr Rebecca Newton

CEO of CoachAdviser

Kimberley Rayman is a principle consultant, coach and brings a huge range of experience in leading and delivering complex change programmes.

Kimberley Rayman

Director of Programmes

Patrycja Sowa is a Consultant Psychologist. She specialises in professional development, strengths at work and coaching.

Patrycja Sowa

Consultant Psychologist
Kathy Pavid

Kathy Pavid is senior leadership consultant and executive coach and specialises in leadership and management development, high performing teams and culture change.

Kathy Pavid

Principal Consultant



Ana is the Director of Coaching at CoachAdviser, the MD of Turningpoint Leadership UK, a psychologist, coach and experienced facilitator.

Ana Loback

Director of Coaching

Dr Paul Brewerton is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist and specialist in the strengths approach.

Dr Paul Brewerton

CEO Strengthscope

Dr Connson Locke is Senior Lecturer in Practice at the London School of Economics (LSE) where she teaches Leadership, Organisational Behaviour, Cross-cultural Management, and Negotiation and Decision Making.

Dr Connson Locke

Senior Lecturer in Practice, London School of Economics

Dr Emma Soane is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist, an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, and has a PhD in Psychology.

Dr Emma Soane

Assistant Professor, London School of Economics

Hande Yasargil is an executive coach and leadership development consultant.

Hande Yasargil

Senior Leadership Coach
Natalie Braithwaite NEW (Web Small)

Natalie Braithwaite is an executive coach and corporate wellbeing consultant.

Natalie Braithwaite

Executive Coach